Vaatsalya School Outreach program – Educate to Eradicate, Educate to Inculcate

Children are the future of our nation. Health interventions in early childhood help in identifying issues related to malnourishment and under-development and timely intervention through nutrition and medicine reduce instances of stunting and wasting and help a child reach his or her full mental and physical potential.

We also lay a lot of emphasis on talks which focus around inculcation of good habits and eradication of self-destructive habits to ensure or next generation is healthier, fitter and smarter.


We thus try to do one School Outreach program per unit per week and attempt to impact 3000-4000 early minds towards seeking health and staying healthy.

       Key Elements of the program are –

  • Inculcate good heath practices for a healthy mind and body

  •  Eradicate - self-destructive habits for a prosperous and happy life

  • Medical screening for my deficiency in physical growth parameters

  • Continuous engagement -Health + program - with you for a healthier you

  • Competition / Quiz- On-spot quiz, Essay and slogan writing competition are organised by our teams on the talks given to engage the young for a lasting impact

  • Volunteers – The best way to teach is through involvement and thus we try and involve the young at school in our volunteer activities by offering them a chance to express their interest in volunteering for various activities when we visit them

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